Sunday, September 03, 2006

Frank Lasee--Snarky, but Accurate

From Lasee's current newsletter:

Forbes Magazine, an international business publication, released its first “Best States for Business” study last week (access it here). Not surprisingly, Wisconsin ranked near the bottom of the list. We were 39th overall among the 50 states.

The top five states to do business in were Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Utah, and Colorado
(quite a recovery for a state that was reduced to ruins after the Taxpayer Bill of Rights).

Given what we just know about the effects of TABOR, inquiring minds need some facts:

1) Does Colorado still have highways and roads? Are they paved? With WHAT?
2) Does Colorado still have an educational system? Beyond 3rd grade? Do they have books?
3) Do Colorado residents receive hospital treatment for maladies? Medicine? X-Rays?
4) Do Colorado senior citizens live in cardboard boxes?
5) Are Colorado's courthouses and county buildings REALLY roof-less tin shacks with orange-crate desks, lacking in indoor plumbing, like in the Old West movies?
6) Are there any State, County, or municipal employees in Colorado? How many? Are they paid?
7) Have all of Colorado's lakes and rivers become running chemical/sewer dumps because there is no more Colorado-equivalent DNR?
8) Does the Colorado Crime Lab have DNA testing? Within 24 months of a crime?
9) Is the U of Colorado still accredited? Does it have dormitories? Laboratories?

Certainly TABOR opponents can answer these questions before Wisconsin's population migrates to Colorado (as will be recommended by WEAC's "Retirement Options" page...)

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