Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Elected Board to Control Non-Elected Tax/Spenders?

As usual, it's at the very bottom of the story:

The new report offers some broader, longer-term suggestions, including a study of having a single elected body govern the various non-elected boards that have taxing authority in Milwaukee County. Examples of such bodies include those overseeing the sewerage district, the convention center, Miller Park and Milwaukee Area Technical College. They are not accountable enough to taxpayers, the report says.

The report was authored by the Greater Milwaukee Committee.

GMC's recommendation of "a study" of taxation without representation is approximately 230 years late--that issue was, ah, discussed by the Colonies and King George in the late 1770's. The King lost.

It is noteworthy that these taxing Boards were emplaced by both Democratic AND Republican elected officials (as well as some "officially non-partisan" types) over the years.

Some ideas just can't be killed easily, eh?

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