Friday, September 08, 2006

Another Voice From Lebanon

We posted some remarks from various religious figures in Palestine which were somewhat critical of Israel.

Now here are the Maronite Bishops of Lebanon on Hizbollah (and others):

In a strongly worded statement, the council, headed by Patriarch Nasrallah Butros Sfeir, called on the Lebanese to take full advantage and "benefit from the international embrace they are enjoying at the moment."

"There are 18 sects in Lebanon with equal rights and duties," the statement said. "But in reality, we see that some groups are monopolizing the decision-making process and leading the country to unwanted situations."

Referring to Hizbullah, the council said: "A Lebanese faction continues to bear weapons despite the Israeli withdrawal from most of the South in 2000. This continues to be in violation of the Taif Accord."

"This group has become a religious, military and political organization and led us to a war that was launched on July 12, 2006," the council added.

"Powerful countries and regional forces have also interfered more than enough in Lebanese affairs and are backing one sect or another."

The council said that despite the end of Syria's tutelage over the country, there are still many problems and divisions among the Lebanese.

"Each party pretends to seek Lebanon's interests, but it reality it seeks to fulfill sectarian ambitions. This is a chronic disease that has to be extracted," it stated.

HT: The Catholic Report

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