Sunday, August 13, 2006

You Think It Can't Happen Here? WRONG!

This is interesting, and chilling:

Prosecutors say they are confident the men are linked to a terrorist network and filed additional felony charges Thursday relating to the buying and selling of specific microchips found in only a few types of cell phones.

The two men were arrested in Marietta Tuesday.

Authorities say the phones are being modified by terrorists to make untraceable international calls and also in the production of roadside bombs.

The 'innocent, all-American boys' are from Hizbollah High in Dearborn, MI.


Some of the bomb-components were purchased in Wisconsin.

VanHollen is NOT making stuff up about terror threats...


Owen has a bit more info. Can one demolish the Mackinac Bridge w/roadside bombs?


Clint said...

Dad - I think that you and I already covered this topic a couple of months ago about all of the easy targets here in Wisconsin. It is nice that we have been validated.

James Wigderson said...

Well, except the part about terrorist training camps...

Dad29 said...

You mean, Wiggy, that you do not KNOW about terrorist training in Wisconsin....right?

rhonda lugari said...

I'm going to spend a lot of money to go all the way to Texas and buy cell phones so I can travel all the way back to Michigan (and spend even more money getting back here), so that I can make about a $13.00 profit (per cell phone) on over 1000 cell phones. Hopefully, I can find buyers. I never was very good at math, so I hope that plan makes sense.

If I get questioned for terrorist activities, I hope my husband doesn't say something stupid, in my defense, like "you can't prove anything". That wouldn't sound very good.

Marquette4290 said...

Its too bad that they revealed that these guys are in fact NOT linked to terrists. They were just trying to sell the phones.

Dad29 said...

Without a doubt, Marquette, that is the stupid-est statement I've seen for quite a while.

Of course, there is DOCUMENTARY "evidence" that these were really retailers, right?

How many convicts are actually guilty, if you listen to THEIR story?

Barnum was talking about YOU, bub.