Thursday, August 03, 2006

UW System: "Blah, Blah the Usual Crap"

The UW-System has released its budget plans.

"Spend more, tax more, get more tuition."

There. Saved you a lot of time, eh!

Doyle (D-Highest Bidder) sends a letter telling UW that tuition should not rise more than 3%. He kinda hopes Wisconsin residents will forget that their OWN children will pay proportionately more than out-of-State children than they did last year, and that under his watch, UW tuition has rocketed up by about 50%.

The UW issued dire threats about TEOTWAWKI if the State fails to come up with more subsidy money and if they cannot extract MORE than inflation-adjustment from students. UW kinda hopes you forget about their $26MM write-off of a new payroll system--not to mention Kevin "Moonbat" Barrett, his UW-system benefits, and his UW-system housing.

Nothing to see here, yet. Move along.

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