Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tax Holiday for School Supplies?

OK, let's talk sense here.

Mark Green devised a cute little dig/smack at Doyle (D-Highest Bidder) and proposed a "school supplies tax holiday" for Wisconsin residents, which would apply to some goods required for the darlings to go back to school.

Doyle's team can't figure out a response. No surprise there. After all, Doyle is second only to our Legislature in lusting after tax revenues (you DO recall the fight over the "auto-increase" gas tax, no?)

Green's little play is just that. A little play.

What Green SHOULD have proposed is a permanent acrosss-the-board reduction in Wisconsin's sales tax--say to 3% as opposed to the current 5%.

While he was at it, he SHOULD have proposed that the Wisconsin Income Tax form be made consistent with the Federal Income tax form in the case of Health Reserve and Health Savings Accounts.

That's called REAL REFORM.

All the rest is merely silly feinting and dodging.


Brian Michael Page said...

Massachusetts, which has a 5% sales tax, is having it's tax holidays which I believe is this coming weekend.
On the other hand, Rhode Island, which has a 7% sales tax, shot down the idea of a "tax holiday".

And Rhode Island has the nerve to talk about "Taxachusetts"?!


The Badgerland Conservative said...

We live in Taxconsin here. OUCH!

Brian Michael Page said...

Let's see - RI has:
highest gas tax in the USA
highest state cigarette tax in the USA (though I quit smoking last February)
highest sales tax in New England