Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Push Polls Are Starting

Jim Doyle's putting some money into PushPolls

So when you get a caller ID that reads:


at phone #


and you ask "Who PAID FOR THIS POLL??"--they hang up.

And when you dial 411 to find out who owns the number, you get:

"Sorry, that information is not available."

But Area 702 is Las Vegas--a gambling, Mafia, and prostitution town...

Isn't there a law about identifying the people who PAY for polling?

The pollster asked whether I knew that Green had accepted Congressional pay-raises while voting against increasing the minimum wage; whether I knew that Green had voted to [keep Wal-Mart out of] investigations into its employment of aliens [and that WalMart is a low-wage/low-bennie Company]...

The usual stuff. Lies, semi-lies, obfuscations, and half-truths.

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Billiam said...

Well, Dad, considering it's Doyle, or his proxy, I'm not surprised. It won't matter to anyone. It's politicians, after all.