Tuesday, August 01, 2006

P-M(a)c (Ilheran) Tries to Still the Screamers

Good luck, Patrick.

The Fashionable Thing is not necessarily the Rational Thing; so when priests are justifiably accused (and/or tried and convicted) of abusing children, the Fashion Folks will find solutions which are not solutions--including fantasies such as "women" priests.

That's largely because Fashion does not recognize individual responsibility; it's no different than the Wisconsin Legislature's diktats about child-restriction seats in cars--simply apply class-based band-aids rather than requiring accountability from individuals.

Or, as GKC would have it in the obverse:

"Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions."


Billiam said...

Nicely said. Any argument that ascandal of the gay priest nature wouldn't happen with female priests is debunked by the female teacher scandals. Women are just as fallen as men. You're spot on about persoanl responsibility, although, that's not the age we live in.

Other Side said...

We have become a chameleon culture moving at the speed of fad.

Not all libs are PC.

Dad29 said...

And not all conservatives are responsible.

Speed of fad--that's a decent line, old chap.

Billiam said...

Dad, you're not going to abscond with it, are you? I mean, it IS a good line...

Dad29 said...

My blog, my property!!