Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Gym in Sussex? What's NOT Mentioned

Some Sussex Hamilton folks want to build a new high-school athletic facility:

A committee formed to study the school system's facility issues identified the lack of gym space at Hamilton High School as the district's most pressing issue.

Sports teams at the 1,200-student school have to fight for space in the main gymnasium, which has room for only a single regulation-size basketball court, advocates for a new facility say.

A preliminary plan for an addition calls for a four-station gym with an indoor track and fitness center, with a price of $14.8 million.

Only about 33% of the taxpayers support the proposal.

Maybe there's a reason: the Sussex Middle School's gymnasium, only one block away from the high-school, is HUGE. Evidently taxpayers up there think that $15MM will easily pay for transporting the kiddies back and forth...

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