Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Modest Suggestion, Abp. Dolan!

The Provincial Emails' author (a practiced litigator) makes a modest suggestion, following on the words of Our Archdiocesan Spokesman:

"Every effort is being made to keep all archdiocesan stakeholders updated on developments in the California case," Topczewski said. "The need for openness is paramount as we work together to address all the related financial and pastoral issues associated with the impact this case will have on the archdiocese."

How about scanning everything that's been filed in abuse cases and posting it on the Archdiocese's web site, including any depositions of Archbishop Weakland and Bishop Sklba that had been under seal. If the transcripts are all shredded, just post a note to that effect.

Well, Jerry? Well, Archbishop?

Let's HAVE "openness"!!

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Terrence Berres said...

More openness about what they believe they shouldn't disclose might help.

It looks like a retired judge has been brought in to supervise discovery in our Archdiocese's case against its insurers. I noted this docket entry: "Special Master Skwierawski Order Granting Certain Defendants' Motion to Compel and Denying Archdiocese of Milwaukee's Motion for An Order Setting Discovery Boundaries and For Other Relief."