Friday, August 11, 2006

A Lonely Call for Common Sense on Airport Screening

CQ and the Washington Examiner point out what's obvious to EVERYONE except Chertoff and CAIR:

...scan the many news photos of the long lines of frustrated travelers Thursday, and it is impossible not to notice how few match the typical terrorist profile — natives of or descended from families that came from or still live in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or another Middle Eastern, Asian or African nation with a Muslim majority or significant Muslim minority.

We recognize that the vast majority of Muslims do not share the Jihadist obsessions with killing Americans, Brits and other Westerners. But there is one undeniable fact about the 1993 World Trace Center bombers, the Sept. 11 murderers, the Madrid bombers, the London subway bombers and the present liquid bomb plotters — all are clearly identifiable as being from Muslim nations. We’ve yet to see bombers who look even remotely like a gray-haired governess from Southampton, a harried middle-aged U.S. sales executive from Los Angeles or a haggard dad and mom with kids in tow returning home to Atlanta.

There is no room left for the blind politically correct procedures that ignore this reality — our enemy is nearly always a young to middle-aged man from a Muslim nation or culture, and it is madness not to focus mainly on those who most readily match the known profile. If preventing another Sept. 11 horror means delaying all travelers from such nations, well, then so be it.

Yah, hey!

On the other hand, maybe TSA will have a vast rummage sale of confiscated nail-polishes and recoup some of their budget...


David L Alexander said...

It sounds great, and it would certainly make my life a helluva lot easier. Then again, we as a nation are still wringing our hands for keeping Japanese-Americans in detention camps during WW2. It's sorta like belling the cat; great idea, but how you gonna do it?

Think before you answer.

Clint said...

I am sure that the focus away from the airports is toward that demographic, but the reality of airports is that it only takes one moron to bring down a plane.