Monday, August 07, 2006

Gay "Marriage"? Shouldn't Happen--According to the Gays

The NYSlimes ran the article--you be the judge.

WHEN Bill Dobbs sees the heartwarming photographs of gay couples cuddling, grinning and holding dogs and children, accompanied by pious remarks about how many years they have been a couple — “five years,” “eight years,” “24 years!” — in news releases and newspaper and television reports about the fight for gay marriage, it turns his stomach.

Mr. Dobbs’s reaction is, he admits, probably not that different from the one he imagines that the anti-gay forces feel. But Mr. Dobbs is gay, part of an intense strain of gay activists who have fought against the idea of gay marriage from the beginning and who think that the escalating pursuit of it is a mistake, especially in light of legal setbacks like the decision on Wednesday by the Washington ...

But as the fight for same-sex marriage rages across the country — this month being defeated in the highest court in New York State as well as Washington — the anti-marriage gay men and lesbians say they are feeling emboldened to speak out against what they view as the hijacking of gay civil rights by a distressingly conservative, politically correct part of the gay establishment.

(THAT line should turn on your "AHA!!" lights...)

...Yet dissenters like Sarah Schulman, a playwright, novelist and English professor at the City University of New York, College of Staten Island, see a more subtle form of regression coming out of the movement, a return to the values of the 1950’s. As a teacher, she said, she sees a lot of younger gay people, especially women adopting the heterosexual fantasy that even Barbie has distanced herself from — “that someday they will meet the right person and they will get married and they will have children.”

Umnnnhhh...if it's "happily ever after" that the Vote Yes bunch is imagining, I have some bad news for them. It won't even happen in Fairy Tales...

Perhaps too many Walt Disney movies earlier-on?

That "conservative" line reminds me of the Libertarian influences which are pulling at the heartstrings of some bloggers on this issue. But even the Libertarians cannot explain just how "natural" those activities are, can they?


Fidei Defensor said...

I am reminded of the history textbooks that describe Stalin and Mao as "Conservatives" merely because they were hardliners. Sorry folks but these guys were as far left wing as one could get!

Dean said...

I admit, that the more I read, the more I head into "undecided" from "no" (I have two of your posts bookmarked to read again. I am reading the posts of the debate with great interest.

I remember, as is pointed out here, that gays (who weren't called gays back then), were not interested in marriage, nor were many on the left.

Anyway, thanks for your posts on the subject.