Saturday, August 12, 2006

Charlie's Dark Night of Doubt

The esteemed Charlie Sykes, PapaBlogger and thinker, is worried about The Amendment.

We submit that this is a case in which Charlie thinks far too much.

While it is clear that the anti-Amendment folks intend to throw a large cloud of foo-foo dust into the atmosphere, hoping that it will confuse Wisconsin voters, Charlie's downbeat take doesn't give too much credit to those very same Wisconsin voters--nor to the ongoing and increasing efforts of the pro-Amendment camp.

The center of the angst is here:

A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized in this state."

which is the Second Sentence of The Amendment.

Sykes goes on:

While the first sentence is clear, straightforward, and quite specific the second sentence is far more sweeping and ambiguous, lending itself to a wide range of interpretations. The language seems to ban civil unions but does it also extend to other benefits, as well? And if so, which ones?

As Owen demonstrated convincingly, the Second Sentence changes NOTHING--it only prevents creative judicial-types from inventing Gay Marriage under a different name. Nothing in this sentence voids existing labor contracts or benefits agreements. Nothing in this sentence prohibits the Legislature from extending benefits and 'power-of-attorney' arrangements to willing parties. Nothing. And in all likelihood, the Legislature WILL enable these arrangements, carefully written and limited to "common-sense" solutions.

It may be argued that the framers of The Amendment tried to kill two birds with one stone--not only Gay "Marriage" but wacko judicial re-writes--that's true.

What's wrong with THAT?

Charlie is tolling the bell far too early. The voters of Wisconsin have shown both common sense and compassion. This Amendment gives them exactly that.


Billiam said...

While all of that may be true, Wisconsin voters also show moments of foolishness. After all, they bought Doyle's crap about McCallum and voted Him into the Gov's house.

Dad29 said...

That election was sort of a Perfect Storm occasion.

Unexpectedly strong showing from a wacko 3rd-party; horribly weak campaign (and candidate) from the Republicans; and a surprisingly strong showing for Doyle--who did NOT get a majority of the vote.

Kinda like the Clinton/Bush go-round where Ross Perot screwed it up.

stan said...

Since Doyle has yet to lose an election, maybe CS is just getting his excuses for losing together early? I heard Doyle's stump speech recently and he hammers home a number of good points. His strategy is middle of the road versus right wing extremists. If he can sell that to the voters, he will win easily. Bush has shown that one can easily make the leap from extremists to facists when he speaks about Islamic terrorists. If Doyle can paint Republicans as extremists, all the ranting by Sykes and Belling will do more harm than good. Certainly Bucher and JB did the party little good

Dad29 said...

It won't be hard to demonstrate that Doyle is an extremist of the first water, if that's what Green wants to do.

Further, it won't be hard to demonstrate that Green is HARDLY an extremist.

Doyle's election to Governor occurred because of a 'perfect storm' against the GOP. He won all his other elections by BEING an extremist, and using the wacko-extremist Dane County base very well.

Anonymous said...

Doyle carries Waukesha County in an AG election and he did this as an 'extremist'?? What fantasy world do you live in d29? Green wants to cut over $300 million from public education. He is for concealed weapons at Summerfest and State Fair. Alcohol and guns is just fine with Green. If he opposes embryonic stem cell research, should he also not oppose the fertility treatments that created the embryos in the first place? OK it seems the extreme label hangs nicely on Green.

The liberal wing of the Dems are not too happy with Doyle. Is that because Doyle is an extremist?

Green better run from the label 'extremist' if he can.

Dad29 said...

$300MM from Public Education? What did Jim Doyle (D-Highest Bidder) cut? How much MORE are UW-system students paying?

Killing babies is nothing new to Pro-Abortion Holocaust Doyle. He's just in favor of killing them a bit sooner than before.

You'll be happy to know that I will be one of those who is carrying a weapon at State Fair and/or Summerfest. I'll also be carrying when your ass is assaulted Downtown after a concert--and I'll save your butt, too. BTW, when I carry, I'm stone sober, like any OTHER responsible weapons-owner--that's who gets licensed. Don't be jealous.

Seems to me that fertility treatments are a settled issue. And we don't provide a $bazillion in State funds for them, either. You must be confused.

The liberal wing of the Dimowits don't have the money to BUY Doyle, which is why they're unhappy. Things change with a $million or so. Try it!