Sunday, July 09, 2006

Xoff a "Relationship-Builder?"

In commenting on the "new attitude" of the BagManJim campaign--you know, attacking the press, sending lawyer-letters to anybody and everybody, and generally acting like it needs a couple 2x4's across the head--the SpiceBoyzzz found someone longing for the 'good old days' of Mr Sweetness Acerbic himself.

A second politico, with experience running a campaign, agreed.

This official said he believes that the Doyle team feels it doesn't get the respect it deserves, so it has begun browbeating the media, local officials and trade groups.

"It is an attitude that is very elitist - that we're going to send these heavies in. I just don't get it," the politico said. "It shows the influence of someone like Bill Christofferson (Doyle's 2002 strategist) is missing from this campaign. These are people who don't understand that you build relationships, not enemies."

Christofferson is well-known for his acerbic tongue, but the politico said the semi-retired Democratic strategist was more likely to say something openly and to offer alternative facts to make his point.

It should be clear from the Boyzzz' column that they would MUCH prefer Jimbo and his thugs-with-law-licenses to be nice folks. There's a reason: the Boyzzz and the rest of the MSM want Jimbo to prevail in November. After all, nothing could be worse than the retrogression to Times Neanderthal which will undoubtedly be forced upon the State by such as Mark Green and a majority-(R) Legislature, right?

Well--something COULD be worse.

How about having Jimbo frog-walked out of the Governor's Mansion?

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