Sunday, July 09, 2006

WI Split on Homosex "Marriage?"

The JSOnline runs a story which sounds like "whistling past the graveyard." The story tells us that a Poll Was Conducted, and Wisconsin residents are about evenly split on the question of homosex "marriage."

Fortunately, you don't have to get to the very last 'graf to find the interesting stuff--it's right up there in the beginning:

Wisconsin residents are evenly split over a proposal to ban gay marriage and Vermont-style civil unions, according to a poll released today by

The statewide poll - the latest non-partisan glimpse of where Wisconsin residents stand on gay marriage - canvassed 600 randomly selected Wisconsin adults.

Recall Rush Limbaugh's firm belief that polls are by and large accurate--but that results which are strange (as these are) usually derive from the questions or the method.

Here, it's the method. "600 Randomly Selected Adults" doesn't cut it; a poll with realistic ambitions would survey likely voters, and would reflect voting patterns--(R), (D), (Other) in the last few Statewide elections which actually drew a crowd.

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