Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jess McBride: The Tinfoil Hat is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Jessica demonstrates that she practices what she teaches, and asks a few questions.

If you pay Wisconsin income taxes, you will NOT like the answers.

The Tinfoil Barrett speech on Saturday, July 7th, was sponsored by the UW-Madison Sociology Department's Havens Center. This center gets $100,000+/year in State tax support. The event, formerly known as "RadFest" is paid for largely through registrations and some donations.

As you might infer from the moniker "RadFest" this little confab's themes are not exactly in line with Middle America's values. You just PAY for it, shut up and go away.

Discussions, workshops, and lectures:

...ways to fight the domination of the right wing on the air waves; the current political and legal climate regarding reproductive rights, focusing on rebuilding an effective movement through grassroots victories and access-based local initiatives; ...[t]his majority has not found the means, yet, to wrest control of the federal government from reactionary neo-conservative political forces. This session will focus on the strategy and tactics needed to overcome this problem; various counter-military recruiting strategies, including youth organizing, tabling in schools and the community, school board policy and non-violent civil disobedience; Voting for Peace, Banning Wal-Mart, and More; the political context of the anti-immigrant movement as a backlash against the gains of the Civil Rights Movement.

Yah, hey! ILLEGAL immigration is a Civil Rights affair.

"Clueless" Walsh, President of the Regents, UW-System, has yet to comment.

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