Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Abp. Dolan Sneaks One In for the Good Guys

It's widely reported that the Archdiocese of Milwaukee was sending its Catholic Herald newspaper to every registered Catholic family in the Archdiocese to announce the impending financial problems expected following resolution of a lawsuit for pedophile-damages in California.

Sure enough, mine arrived yesterday. Nice to notice that the Herald's format is now just like that of Human Events...imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you know.

What was NOT reported was the other major content of the special edition:

1) A strong and unequivocal argument for amending the Wisconsin Constitution to BAN GAY MARRIAGE; and

2) A strong argument to BAN the DEATH PENALTY, also through Constitional amendment.

See, it's not really all about sex.


Terrence Berres said...

I didn't see a subscription offer featured, did you? It would be an odd omission when the Herald's editor has just written that it's desperate for more subscribers.

Dad29 said...

Nope--no "buy NOW!!" offers.

Also--no editorial page.

Didn't really miss either one.