Monday, June 12, 2006

What's With This "Fear Play Guns" Stuff?

See, Spotted Horse sucks you into his blog by running demi-porn stuff on the Buffett show this weekend.

THEN you get the real stuff.

Boys playing with sticks? Saying "Bang, Bang?" And the teacher reads the parents the Riot Act? Oh, the Horror! the Shame!!

At least, in the article, one of the "experts" admits that it might be genetic, and one parent has the common sense to actually TRAIN his children on how to/not to use guns. Wonder how THAT got past the editors at the JS...

Real-life, over the weekend: a neighborhood creep pulled a pellet gun from a garage and raised it to frighten a group of neighborhood girls. The creep in the story was not the owner of the gun--HIS children had been carefully trained by the fellow, who happens to be a local radio personality.

Nonetheless, because they associated with the creep, the owner's children suffered a punishment. That's how it should work.

Sticks and play guns are exactly that. REAL guns are dangerous. Understanding the difference (the teacher doesn't) and respecting the difference (that's what training and discipline are for) is what separates the men from the boys.

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