Monday, June 05, 2006

Van Hollen and Domestic Terrorism

Republican Attorney-General candidate JB VanHollen took a beating from the Cognoscenti Class for mentioning the "T" word. (That's "Terrorism" for you young'uns who also can't spell Afghanistan..) In effect, the MSM and JB's opponents all blatted the same line:

"Here in Wisconsin, we have dairy cows, cheese, Packers, high taxes, ...but terrorists? Hell, JB, that sort of critter lives in New Yawk City, or New Jersey, or Hellholes like that. Maybe LA, or SanFran--you know, with the other fruits and nuts.

"NOT HERE. Don't even TALK that way. You'll scare the chilluns, JB, you, you...

"You smokin', JB??"

Well, JB was the US Attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin. Maybe, just maybe, he wasn't blowing , or tokin' smoke.

From Counterterrorism Blog:

Steven Emerson was interviewed today on MSNBC about the Canadian jihadist plots and arrests. But his most provocative comments, about investigations underway in the U.S. of Al Qaeda plots, came near the end of the interview...

WITT: What do your sources tell you, Steve? Any kind of a similar scenario, similar plots like this being hatched in the United States or have they been?

EMERSON: I think that the public will be surprised by some of the other indictments that may be issued later this year or early next year. There are various Al Qaeda cases being worked on by the U.S. government- the F.B.I., Department of Justice, Treasury- and these cases have still not been made public, and some of them involve plots against American targets.

OK. Remember that "the Department of Justice" just happens to include U S Attorneys...

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