Sunday, June 11, 2006

SpiceBoyzzz' Myopic Obsession

After reading the 192nd (289th? 654th?) SpiceBoyzz column complaining about Jim Sensenbrenner's travel, something became apparent. Simply go to the very bottom of the column and what do you see?

Sensenbrenner 6/11
Reynolds 6/7
Reynolds 6/4
Green 6/2
Sensenbrenner 5/28
Jensen 5/25
Thompson 5/24

Myopic obsession disease.

But even if it's curable, who cares?

1 comment:

allendrury said...

Well if they 'over-report' perhaps you don't do enough of it on your own side. Where are your Scott Jensen pieces about his latest ploy? Or do you condone come people's actions?

Jensen has proven he has contempt for the political process, the legal process, and disdain for his constituents. I pray that the Judge understands he is the only person who can now restore some dignity and fairness by denying Jensen’s attempts to stay out of prison pending appeals.

Why not post your thougths on your blog?