Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Problems for Abp. Dolan

It's been demonstrated that the Archbishop of Milwaukee has a lot of problems on his plate, and they just keep coming.

An Archdiocesan priest who left the priesthood now intends to attempt marriage--at Trinity Episcopal church in Wauwatosa. It is reported that "a number of [Catholic] priests and other ministers" will participate as readers, musicians, etc., etc.

Won't that be just... special?

But that's not all. This ex-priest intends to marry a woman who is currently in charge of an "evangelization" program at a Milwaukee parish (or at least, that's what the Parish website says.)

We DO know that this will be the second trip 'down the aisle' for the bride, as well.

"Evangelism" has sure changed since I was a kid.


Billiam said...

O.K., explain the problem to me. Beyond the part of the woman being divorced. If the guy is no longer a priest, what's the problem?

Dad29 said...

In order to be "free to marry," a priest must have been dispensed from his vows--typically by Rome.

The woman's divorce is NOT a problem if and only if she has obtained an anullment.

We do not know IF he has a dispensation OR IF she has an anullment--but by virtue of the fact that they intend to get married in an Episcopalian church, it's a solid bet that one or the other element is not present.

Dad29 said...

In addition:

It is highly questionable whether a priest of this Archdiocese should even ATTEND, much less "minister" at a wedding in which one (or both) of the parties is NOT "free to marry."

The term 'scandal' is applicable here: the priests who actively are engaged in the service are giving scandal to the laity--because they are, in effect, saying that there's "no problem" here.


Anonymous said...

You must be a big Paul Bucher fan, what with his having now been married three times!

Good luck to Jessica McThirdBride!

Dad29 said...

Queen of Irrelevancy: anonymous.

Billiam said...

When we meet I'll tell you about the joke that is anullment. This will be from personal experience. It caused my Dad and his wife a lot of pain. I do look forward to it. Got my cycle back today! Runs like new!!

Mike, the Faithful Catholic said...


I have been discreetly asking around to no avail.

Has the wedding come to pass? Can you share his name?


Anonymous said...

i don't understand how this is any of your concern. why should the events of someone else's lives be of such great importance to you?

-daughter of the bride