Friday, June 02, 2006

McIlheran's Good Questions

Patrick comes up with another good observation and some interesting questions:

Mexico is apparently sheltering 20 wanted killers from Milwaukee alone — and you can’t get executed for murder here. Mexico won’t turn over suspects if there’s the danger they’ll be sent to prison for life without parole. Even that’s too much for Mexico, which apparently feels some ambiguity about whether a guy who shoots people to death in a park should spend his life in prison.This is particularly amusing in that some part of our country’s been worried that solutions to our illegal immigration problem might offend our neighbor. Building walls isn’t nice, it has been said. Calling out the National Guard has gotten Mexican officials in a lather. And try to imagine what Mexico’s reaction — and that of the rest of the world — would be if the U.S. dared suggest that Mexico do something to liberalize the dirigiste Third World economy that’s leading millions of its own citizens to flee, unwelcomed, to the neighbors.

If we’re talking neighborliness, one sign of it from Mexico might be to stop serving as a convenient haven for guys who blow away people here. That wouldn’t be too much to ask, would it?

Neither the Waukesha robber/cop-shooter, nor the South Shore Park killer would have been IN the US except for the horribly flaccid border policies of the Federal Government. Perhaps officer Glover would still be alive today (certainly, the man he shot would be alive) if that man had NOT been able to walk across the border.

It's not a question of whether illegals are criminals. The question is why the Hell there are illegals in the first place.

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