Saturday, June 10, 2006

Kevin Fisher--Frustrated by Morons

Kevin Fisher, a legislative aide and TV personality, occasionally fills in for Belling. He's a fun-loving guy, whose taste in music is decidedly better than his taste in neckwear.

Regardless, yesterday's show put Kevin into a head-banging mode. I certainly hope he doesn't own a dog because the dog may have been victimized post-show.

Fisher read results of a study which we referenced here--in general terms, the study determined that there are about 240,000 sex-offender illegal aliens in the USA, and those 240,000 sex offenders commited about 1,000,000 sexual crimes while in-country.

So Fisher popped the question: "Are you concerned about these numbers?"

He didn't get exactly what he expected. One caller tried to convince Kevin that 'since we have native-born sex-offenders, what's the big deal about another quarter-million or so who are illegals?' This attitude seemed to be very common. Another, (the infamous "Mike" from 'Tosa, who evidently dropped WAY too much acid on his last visit to Haight-Ashbury) tried to express similar sentiments, but his phone didn't work well. It's likely that the phone connection was disturbed by the NSA tap.

A few callers whose heads were screwed on straight at birth did express concern--and it was not MILD concern, either.

Perhaps what Kevin was looking for was this:

1) The unsecured border is an abysmal failure.
2) Illegals who are convicted of crimes in the US should serve their time and be deported immediately on release from prison, with prejudice. They should never be allowed to return.
3) INS/ICE is run by idiots.
4) Sensenbrenner should add provisions to the Immigration Bill which mandate #2 above.

As to the que sera, sera crowd: let's hope that your mother, wife, sister, or daughter(s) are NOT victimized by one of the 240,000 illegal-immigrant criminals.

And let's also hope that those women in your life have ignored Screechin'Shirley's (the Queen of Hearts) diktat on carrying a concealed weapon.

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steveegg said...

I'd seek to have the time given by the US courts to the illegals served in their countries of origin (or at least under the prevailing prison conditions in the countries of their origin).