Saturday, June 03, 2006

Blanchard: The Way of the Gulag

Brian Blanchard shows his real persona in an attempt to imitate Stalin.

Blanchard has filed a brief with the Dane County Circuit Court to have convicted former Speaker of the Assembly Scott Jensen held in custody pending appeal of his conviction of campaigning with state resources.

Up to this point, I understood that Blanchard was a political tool, and not too competent in hiding his partisan-prosecution games--in other words, a typical Democrat jackass.

Now it's clear that the guy is really a vicious psychopath.

So much for the "bleeding heart" brand of Liberalism, eh? This guy should be made into The Icon of leftists and join his mentor, Josef Stalin; all that remains is to re-name his office Dzerzhinsky Square West.


amazon said...

Dad, you're foaming at the mouth. I don't recall that Stalin filed briefs before an independent judiciary in a country governed by the rule of law.

Describing the Wisconsin penal system as a gulag is even worse than calling Gitmo a gulag.

It's also hard to see Jensen as a persecuted political prisoner. I'll grant you that he isn't a "vicious psycopath"--but neither is the prosecutor.

So calm down, Dad. Take a valium and try for a measured assessment.

Dad29 said...

Blanchard must regret having the shackles of jurisprudence applied to his crusade...

There's no defense for Blanchard's motion. None whatsoever.

And your problem with vision: "'s hard to see Jensen as a political prisoner.." is NOT shared by rational people.

Unfortunately, my assessment IS 'measured,' and I stand by it.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, Daddy-O:

Should every convicted felon be permitted to wait until his or her appeal is exhausted before serving time?

I don't know how much time you spend in courtrooms, but once the rapist is convicted he is led off in chains...

Dad29 said...

Well, Anony, I think that rapists and murderers are not the same as Jensen.

Besides the arcanity of the offense he may/may not have committed, he's not really a Danger to Society.

And guess what: if his appeal(s) fail, he will STILL do the time.

Anonymous said...

"Besides the arcanity of the offense he may/may not have committed..."

This is RICH! He did commit the offenses; he was CONVICTED! What part of this picture don't you "law and order" Republicans comprehend?

Why Jensen wasn't bright enough to cut a deal is one of the great mysteries of 2006. In the end, his arrogance did him in. From the perspective of the prosecutors, the fact that he lied when questioned under oath was likely a big factor as well.

All of the Republican bromides about law and order go out the window when it comes to Scooter, apparently.

I like Scooter and I feel sorry for him as well as his family. But he has no one but himself to blame for his predicament.