Friday, June 02, 2006

...and If You Believe THIS...

The Greater Milwaukee Committee issued a presser, going sideways (not backwards.)

A GMC member and volunteer, Jill Pelisek, shared her ideas on a regional tax for cultural institutions similar to the Denver model. Jill has studied and promoted this idea for years, however it is not a recommendation of the GMC Cultural Assets Task Force, the GMC Executive Committee or the Milwaukee 7 Council. The GMC Cultural Assets Task Force is examining the issues of the County Budget and its impact on cultural institutions, transit, parks, and other key services. It will make a series of recommendations to the GMCBoard in September and is looking at many of the underlying cost issues.

Please be assured that as our work together on KRM and on the Milwaukee 7 Council has shown, we would not informally or formally make a regional recommendation without the support and vetting of our regional partners. Mayor Barrett and the other public officials involved in the Milwaukee 7 collaborative have not reviewed or endorsed any regional sales tax proposal."

Fix your eyeballs on the last line. Insert "yet" between "not...reviewed"

I'll be taking bets and establishing a line at the BloggerPicnic/BeerBlowout.

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