Monday, May 08, 2006

Wisconsin the "Main Event" for Homosex Marriage?


We are honored as the "main event" in the campaign to allow homosexual marriage: emerging as the main event in the nation's ballot battles over same-sex unions. Gay rights supporters have never defeated such a referendum and are convinced Wisconsin is their best shot at ending that cross-country losing streak. Their success - in the ultimate swing state - would give the contest national significance.

"So far, the same-sex marriage proponents are O-for-everything. If they can win one, that's actually big news for them," said Marquette political scientist Christopher Wolfe, who sits on the board of the Wisconsin Coalition for Traditional Marriage, which backs the gay marriage ban.

Kind of a whole new meaning event--you know, Hon., Wisconsin!!

Predictably, our very own Senator from AlQuaeda and other Revolutionary Regions (think Lucifer) pipes up:

Senate Democrat Russ Feingold vowed to help defeat the Wisconsin referendum, declaring that marriage "is not always and should not always be between a man and a woman."

The JSOnline editors forgot to use the Key Word: Maverick.

As a political matter, Feingold's stand could enhance his image among liberal voters as a fearless progressive, on top of sharp stands against the Iraq war and the Patriot Act and domestic surveillance. But it also could marginalize him among more tradition-minded voters and fuel questions even among Democrats about his national electability.

"It goes against a lot of what people were brought up to believe, let's face it," Feingold said in an interview last week. He said he declared his views because he was going to have to vote on the Wisconsin referendum.

"I thought it was best just to say what I really have concluded, that this is really the ultimate civil rights issue, not just a state's rights issue, and that I support gay marriage. If two people care enough about each other that they want to get married, they ought to be able to," he said. rights groups and allies have organized early and avidly through a group called Fair Wisconsin.

Which was recently promoted by Fr. Carl Last and his close personal friend, Fr. Diedrichs, the pastor of All Saints' Church in what is another embarassement to Abp. Dolan, we presume.

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