Thursday, May 04, 2006

Two-Fisted Diplomacy

Red China wants to run the Catholic Church, at least within its borders. So the PRC-Catholic Church (not to be confused with the ROMAN Catholic Church) consecrated a couple of new Bishops.

This is a no-no. Under Canon Law, the Pope must personally approve all Bishop-candidates. Needless to say, Hu's boyzz did what they wanted, anyway.

The Vatican response?

The Holy Father learned of this news with profound displeasure, since an action so important for the life of the Church as an episcopal ordination was accomplished in both cases without regard for what communion with the Pope requires.

This amounts to a grave injury to Church unity, to which -- as was understood -- severe canonical sanctions are attached (cf. Canon 1382).

According to communications received, bishops and priests have been targets of strong duress and threats -- on the part of officials outside the Church -- to take part in episcopal ordinations which, since they lack a papal mandate, are not only illegitimate but contrary to conscience. Some bishops countered these pressures with a refusal, while others could only submit to them with great interior suffering. Incidents of this kind tear wounds not only in the Catholic community but within the conscience of the individual.

THAT was the response from Stato, which could be termed, ah, direct. In addition, the Church has excommunicated both the newly-consecrated Bishops AND the Bishops who consecrated them.

George?? Condi?? Remember that "human rights" part of the MFN/PNTR treaty?


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