Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Taxes in Milwaukee County

Scott Walker's proclamation:

County Executive Scott Walker held a news conference this morning at the entrance of the Shops at Grand Avenue to highlight his opposition to a sales tax increase proposed by some members of the Milwaukee County Board.

Xoff characterizes this as "not allowing the people to decide," which implies that the resolution(s) may be referendum proposals by the Milwaukee County Board.

Walker faces a difficult patch here. It is true that tax revenues are usually spent, for good or bad, and that there is no such thing as a "temporary" tax--viz., the telephone tax which was enacted (nationally) to pay off the Spanish-American War.

On the other hand, if Milwaukee County residents wish to increase their sales tax, meaning that large purchases will be made in Waukesha, or Ozaukee, or Racine counties--that's THEIR problem, eh?

Elsewhere, Fred Luber suggests that '[f]inding a way to charge out-of-county users of Milwaukee arts and cultural institutions should also be on the table.'

Ummnnhhh, Fred, when I see the MSO from the patron seats, I pay about $35-75.00 per ticket, just like everybody else not in box seats. You expect more? Then the MSO will think about leaving the County-run building on the river for a LOT of good reasons, beginning with the acoustics and including such things as better scheduled availability.

The MSO is no bunch of rummies. They, too, have a market, and that market has price-points.

By the way, Fred: out-of-county residents send a LOT of money to Milwaukee County, albeit through the State, which takes its vigorish.

By the way, Fred, where the Hell were you while Ament & Co. were stealing everything but the rebar from the Interstate in your County?

Oh, that's right: pushing for Super Steel-built tramway cars.

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