Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Surprise!! We Shoot Back!

In quiet Wauwatosa, there's a business district running west from 60th street.

Well--it USED to be quiet, before Junior McGee (race-pimp) forgot his manners in the presence of the police.

Then it seems that a couple of small retail businesses have been robbed. Well, almost.

The second small businessman was armed.


An 18-year-old robbery suspect was in critical condition after being shot during a holdup about noon Tuesday at Aqua-Terra Aquariums, 6410 W. North Ave.

Police arrested a 17-year-old robbery suspect inside the store and took in for questioning the 53-year-old man who fired the shot.

...Police were called to Aqua-Terra Aquariums shortly after noon, responding to separate reports of a shooting called in from the aquarium shop and from a home in the 6300 block of W. North Ave., where the shooting victim had fled.

Officers surrounded the store, where the 17-year-old was apprehended, and the 18-year-old was taken out of the house on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance.

The police confiscated a "number of weapons" from the shop. With Wisconsin's constitution and WI Supreme Court decisions regarding "self-defense," they are likely to be returned quickly, and retained in the shop--just in case somebody is stupid enough to try again.

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