Friday, May 05, 2006

See These Folks? Spit. Spit Hard. Modified!

Voting to maintain their PIG powers last night:

But seven Republicans joined 13 Democrats in opposing that constitutional amendment. Those seven were Ron Brown of Eau Claire, Robert Cowles of Green Bay, Sheila Harsdorf of River Falls, Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau, Dan Kapanke of La Crosse, Luther Olsen of Berlin, and Carol Roessler of Oshkosh.

Modify your spittage around Sen. Fitzgerald, who actually voted FOR the TPA (the tougher one) before voting against this one.


Anonymous said...

Earth to Dad... Earth to Dad...

TABOR and the TPA don't reflect Main Street Wisconsin values.

If you folks continue to wander off in the ditch on the right side of the road you will lose control of both houses, over time.

Spit on yourself. You may be cleansed in the process!

molliemous said...
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Dad29 said...

Sorry, Mollie. I don't pay by the word, and we can all read your novel at Xoff's scintillating and brilliant blog.

As to Anony: The "Main Street" to which you refer is obviously the one in West Allis, which runs a total of 4 blocks or so.

The rest of Wisconsin would like fiscal accountability.

Anonymous said...

The rest of the state? If by that you mean Republicans in the rest of the Milwaukee metro area, then I suppose you're right.

Just because you can't control your own local governments doesn't mean that the rest of the state wants your ugly hack in the constitution. Most outstate Republicans have a decent amount of control over their local governments already and don't need the state to tell them what to do.

Anonymous said...


Do your homework. Did you bother to read Sen. Fitzgerald's press release. He voted FOR the tougher version.

If you're going to tell people to spit at someone, at least make sure you get your facts straight before you make accusations.

Dad29 said...

Ah, the courage of the Anonymous.

All I did was read the newspaper--that's the facts, AND the link.

Curiously, even though you don't have enough guts to put your name on your posts--I happen to agree that the State-ONLY version is the best one (thus, I am not pleased with Fitz's vote.)

So happens I believe in the principle of subsidiarity.

You can look it up.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight... You are telling people to spit on the Senators who voted against the nutty constitutional amendment?

Some "Dad" you must be, setting such a fine example for your children.

Grow up, little man.

Dad29 said...

Ah, the courageous Anony. demands that OTHERS "grow up."

Well, as to grownups--there was the bunch that was overtaxed and "grew up" by shooting King George's Army right out of the Colonies.

Works just as well for me...

Anonymous said...

So, now you want to SHOOT the non-compliant Republican Senators?

You really are a low life.

As the first poster commented, perhaps you should spit on yourself. The bath might do you some good.

Dad29 said...

"A little revolution now and then is a good thing."---Thomas Jefferson.

Since you live in Madison, Anony, I'm not surprised you don't like that sort of talk.

I'll settle for pitchforks. More painful.