Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The REAL News Is from Jessica: ILLEGAL Alien Robbed the Bank


Yah, hey--Jessica told you all about it--the bank-job failure in Waukesha is an illegal. The 6:00 Channel 4 news didn't mention that, even though they had Paul Bucher on camera for a while.

The gun retailer tells us that the weapon was purchased before the 9/11 event, which DID have an impact on handgun-sale paperwork.

However, it's likely that the illegal did have one thing for ID: a valid Wisconsin Driver's License.

Think of it. If La Voces Frontera had their way earlier this year, Wisconsin DL's would still be available to all sorts of folks who may even try to shoot cops.

Thank God for Jim Sensenbrenner, eh?

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