Thursday, May 04, 2006

Big Government Republican (Hint: He's GWB)

McIlheran discovered an interesting post by Jonah Goldberg of NRO:

"Bush is certainly to the right of Nixon on many issues," writes Goldberg. "But at the philosophical level, he shares the Nixonians' supreme confidence in the power of the state. Bush rejects limited government and many of the philosophical assumptions that underlie that position. He favors instead strong government."

Well, this "strong Gummint" is certainly a component of Folkbum's unhappiness with the Patriot Act.

But there's no question that the "No Child...," the McPain-Feinie Repression of Free Speech Act, the enormous, growing deficit (~6% of GDP, the worst in the 1st world) and the consistent refusal to veto any Party-In-Government spending are signs.

Not to mention his lineage--old "Globaloney George" himself.

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Peter said...

I still believe GWB has morphed into the worst possible combination: his father and Jimmy Carter.

If it weren't for the Gulf War, Bush 41 would have gone down in my mind as being as bad a president as Carter.

God bless Ronaldus Magnus.