Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Lisa Sink asked a few questions, and deserves credit.

She was assigned the Doyle Campaign Stop in Brookfield, when BagManJim exhaled a great deal of hot air, ranting about the "Oil Companies' Profits."

So she asked a few questions:

Doyle said he did not know at what dollar amount or percentage increase oil profits should be capped, leaving that to Congress to sort out.

"Let them make decent profits," Doyle said.

Jimbo was obviously not prepared for an intelligent discussion.

Doyle did not stake a position on how excess oil profits should be returned to citizens.

THAT would require preparation, as well.

Doyle offered no support for lowering Wisconsin's gas tax of 32.9 cents a gallon, one of the highest in the nation.

How the Hell could he buy off WEAC?

He said he supports eliminating the state's 9% minimum gas markup law among oil terminals, wholesalers and retailers.

Safe position. The Republicans are bought-and-paid-for on this issue, and they control the Legislature.

Thanks, Lisa. You got him good. Don't plan on any free meals on the Governor's Mansion lawn.

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