Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"Not Enough Americans for the Jobs"

An excerpt from a newsletter from Norm Matloff, UC-Davis:

The pattern is quite familiar by now, in the following steps:

1. Industry lobbyists send a lavish press kit, and/or meet with the editorial board, of a newspaper, urging an increase in the H-1B visa cap.

2. A reporter for the newspaper, needing a quote from an employer, interviews an employer suggested by the industry lobbyists.

3. The employer tells the reporter that he needs to hire H-1Bs because he cannot find qualified Americans for the job.

4. The reporter then dutifully puts that quote in the article.

5. Either Rob Sanchez in his e-newsletter, or I in mine, look up thatemployer in the Dept. of Labor H-1B database, and lo and behold, find that the employers is paying his H-1Bs below-market wages.

Sure enough, in the first article enclosed below, we again see an employer pulling the wool over the reporters' eyes.

Well, had if the reporters had checked on the DOL H-1B Web page( they would have found that _____ is hiring H-1Bs as computer systems analysts in the $40K range.The highest rate they list is for a SENIOR systems analyst, at $58K.

Yet even a new graduate in computer science makes over $50K per year.

In other words, $40K is well below what experienced people make.

(I deleted the name of the computer consulting-firm above)

Just in case you read one of those stories--you know where to go and what to do. As Dr. Sowell stated in his column on a closely-related topic, "It's all about price."

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