Monday, April 03, 2006

Kristol Doesn't Have a Vote--But He DOES Have a Mouth

Charlie points out Bill Kristol's editorial, in which the Great K mentions "yahoos."

Kristol seems to think that making illegals "legal" will win the Hispanic vote for the Republicans; unfortunately, K can't prove that. He very carefully selects a few races and attempts to show us that "yahoos can't win."

Actually, Bill (as you know full well) a Pubbie who runs on less taxes, RKBA, and an end to baby-killing wins almost every time (and yes, the exception is the State of California.) The "illegal" question is usually about 9th on a list of 7 concerns at election time.

Until this year...

K. seems to think that John McCain, Arlen Specter, and Lindsey Graham are "leading lights" of the Party--and that GWB's election was somehow dependent on immigration issues.

Wrong, K.

And by the way, Bill--show us the dramatic (R) Hispanic-vote gains in the last few elections. Some statisticians have been trying hard to do it, and haven't accomplished that trick.

NOBODY is calling for a halt to immigration from Mexico. NOBODY. But a LOT of Americans are calling for a halt to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

After all, Bill--if that law means nothing, what other laws mean something?

NeoCons who are Libertarians ought not be calling names in glass houses, K.

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M.Z. Forrest said...

...calling for a halt of illegal immigration.

I can drink to that. How we get there from here is the question. I think we know each other's stand on this, so I won't dwell. I'll simply say that illegal immigration is highly undesirable.