Monday, April 03, 2006

John Jay's Priest-Abuse Figures--In Color!

Everything you've ever wanted to know (and more, most likely) in graphs, neatly prepared by Augustinus on his blog: (there are more over there--this is the quickie lesson.)

Let's start with ordination dates, which tells us a few things (like most of these guys are dead, or will be so VERY soon.)

Then we can go to the dates of abuse (as reported, not WHEN reported):

Now we show that this is NOT "Pedophilia," but rather "EPHEBOPHILA":
And finally, the 6:1 ratio of male to female victims:

Looks like a homosexual problem, eh?


J. Michael said...

you forget that in the USA, you're prosecuted as a child molestor whether the victim is 17 or 2. you're also ignoring the bigger problem that the Church let the abuse go, rather than turn up the offenders to justice

Dad29 said...

I didn't forget a damn thing.

But it IS worthwhile to note that the vast majority of the perps were homosexuals...

That's why the careful distinctions in the charts/graphs.

Anonymous said...

As to the ordination dates, don't these numbers just trach the curve in the total numbers of ordinations?

Dad29 said...

That's not what the source-blog states, Anony...

But you do make an interesting observation.

J. Michael said...

except the vast majority of child molestors are known to be heterosexual, a comparison the charts conveniently lack

Dad29 said...


Your "vast majority" claim is fine and dandy, except the source page DOES break down the attacks by sex.

So happens that it is 6:1 little boys (queers) to little girls (despicable assholes.)

Back to the drawing boards, Mikie.