Saturday, April 01, 2006

Extremely Generous Highway Funding

Even our Governor (!!!) has questioned the sanity of Frank Busalacchi, the DOT Czar, for his unhinged comments allowing that The End Is Near for Wisconsin roadways.

Behold the chart:

The CPI Inflation Calculator tells us that $195MM in 1990 dollars is equal to $275MM in 2006 dollars--but the Starving Highway Fund is spending $407MM--about 48% beyond inflation.

The fact that UW-system expenditures in the same time period are less than inflation by approximately $120MM is interesting--perhaps this is why men no longer go to college. The money's in highway construction.

For that matter, State Parks were shorted $1.5MM, measured by inflation, during the same period...about time for the squirrels to have a protest march, or maybe a work-stoppage, eh?

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TrueConservative said...

Great chart -

It also explains why Doyle felt it was OK to shift transportation $$ to K-12 education. That automatic increase in the gas tax was like manna from heaven for the roadbuilders and their workers. If that gas tax (protected by both Democrats and Republicans) was more reasonable, then there would not have been money to "steal" and maybe John Gard and his Northern Wisconsin buddies would not be building new paved roads all over the state. Pork Barrell John has the support of our Republican Conservatives as a Representative in DC. Please spare us!