Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Cost of Health Care--Aurora Style

More attorney's fees.

Does your health insurance have to pay for this, too?

In the latest action in the lawsuit against Oconomowoc, Circuit Judge James R. Kieffer said he would review and possibly overturn past decisions by previous judges in the case that had favored the city.

He is the third judge to preside in the long-running case, which also alleges that the city violated state laws governing open meetings and public records and violated its own ordinances by rezoning the proposed hospital site without a written petition asking it to do so.

Aurora also has an active lawsuit against the county. The lawsuit was filed jointly with Summit after the County Board blocked Aurora's construction plans in the town. Circuit Judge Mark Gempeler dismissed the lawsuit last month.

Squire said Monday that Aurora would appeal Gempeler's ruling and expect a decision by an appeals court on the matter by next year.

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