Friday, April 07, 2006

Asian Badger Blogger Hits It Big!! UPDATED

Our man in Asia, chased there by the Doyle-a-Thugs, makes a VERY interesting discovery about the asshat principal:

There’s an asshat principal, Tom Stumpf, in Colorado who banned the American flag at his high school (Skyline High School in Longmont, Colorado) due to tensions between Americans and Hispanics.

Here’s the interesting thing about Mr. Stumpf. He’s on a pension from some school district he already fucked up in Wisconsin.
You can read his bio here.

Now when you read the bio, you'll find:

Bachelor of Arts: Educational Philosophy, St. Francis College, Milwaukee WI, 1957
Master of Arts: Educational Administration, Catholic University, Washington, DC, 1963 Educational Specialist Degree: Administrative Leadership, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1983

"St Francis College" is the Milwaukee SEMINARY College. He was studying for the priesthood, and the C.U. MA tells me that he was involved with the Catholic Schools here, at least for a time. It is also interesting that he chose NOT to name the Wisconsin schools he "administered," eh?

UPDATE: We are told, reliably, that Tom Stumpf, (Asshat) was studying at St. Francis, but would have been ordained for the Madison (WI) Diocese in about 1961. 90% probability reliable info.

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