Saturday, April 08, 2006

And the Whipping Cream on Top of Immigration

Easily, the "dump" for boobs, troglodytes, do-nadas, pointy-heads, bed-wetters, and all-around failures--

Ta Da!!

Which is slowly being transmogrified into "Department of Secure Jobs for Anybody Who Knows Somebody and Can't Get Another Job in Real Life..." (DSJAWKSCGAJRL)
Some of us wondered whether attempting to combine a couple of large Federal bureaucracies into one giant-sized pool of "talent" was a good idea; after all, anybody involved in private industry will tell you that focus is the name of the game these days.
But never mind. GWB thinks otherwise, having a slightly outdated MBA, so he created the largest pile of cornpudding known to man.
Malkin details a few of the problems which have emerged since in a lengthy and link-filled post. She deserves a good deal of credit for just talking to these classics.

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