Sunday, April 09, 2006

And the Complaint Is....????

The State of Wisconsin has adopted technology which prevents illegal aliens/residents from claiming various Wisconsin tax credits.

The benefits restricted to legal residents include the earned income credit, the homestead credit, the working families tax credit, the school property tax credit, the farmland tax relief credit and the veteran's and surviving spouses property tax credit.

Returns with ITINs also cannot claim the federal earned income credit.

The tax preparer thinks it is just AWFUL:

Paul Wickert had never come across a situation like it: The Wisconsin Department of Revenue had disallowed a credit for a longtime client, saying the person was not a legal resident of the state.

"Calling them a non-resident for this one specific purpose seems hypocritical," he said. "They should give them these credits; they are standup citizens paying their taxes. Either that, or consider them non-residents and they shouldn't have to pay any taxes. It seems they are having it both ways."

Pedro Colon is about, well, not really, ahhh, sorta:

The current state law means "we are punishing people for behavior we want them to undertake: working, making a living, owning a home," [Colon] said. "Everybody should have equal rights, but everybody should contribute economically to the extent they can do it."

But a home mortgage? No problem here in Wisconsin! Jim Doyle's Administration, through WHEDA, makes them available to illegals through Guaranty Savings and Mitchell Street State Bank.

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