Sunday, December 04, 2005

List of Suspects

For those of you Milwaukee-area Catholics who don't yet know, there are 137 members (they paid for this membership) in the 'Milwaukee Priests' Alliance,' a group formed to agitate for "rights" of priests employed by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

To give you a flavor, note that Fr. Cozzens was their last guest speaker.

Familiar names? Oh, yes--Fr. Mich, who earned mention on this blog here; Fr. Eschweiler, Fr. Michael P. Dineen, and Fr. Ralph Gross, ex-Chancellor of the Archdiocese.

Minor players include Fr. Denis Weis who has (arguably) the smallest Parish membership in the universe, and Fr. Richard Aiken, an author of non-Catholic worship services at St. Sebastian's parish.

There are also two Jesuits--one of them being Fr. Sweetser, formerly a physics teacher at Marquette High School.

It's useful to keep track of these guys--so it was very kind of them to put all the information on one easily-available Web list.


Neo-Con Tastic said...

"12. To strive for the equality of women and men of all races and cultures."

Interesting objectives. I find it funny how they repeatedly mention the "new" problems facing the Church. All of these issues are in fact old and irrefutable.

I'd rather drive 100 miles to a packed Church to see a traditional mass than hear any of these men mutilate and paraphrase tradition.

Anonymous said...

Hi folks.

Like the website. This group of priests are people to be watched and feared. They are working now to undermine the Vatican Document about gays in the priesthood. Hmmmm?

Lately, a friend tells me, they have been specifically targeting the few good, solid priests with defaming e-mails and such.

Support our good priests, and pray for all of them.


Dad29 said...

Interesting, Anony.

Last week we had a sermon on "Rash Judgment" which did not seem to connect with ANYTHING Advent-esque.

FaithfulCatholic said...


Would you be interested in letting your blog be a place where we could list the strong, orthodox, manly priests?

If so, let me throw out for people's consideration:

Fr. Don Hying, now at the Seminary
Fr. Will Prospero, SJ, at Marquette
Fr. Paul Hartmann, works for the archbishop and is now pastor at St. Al's, West Allis

If this is something you don't want to do...I apologize.


Dad29 said...


I don't have a problem with the concept, in the least. But, as you may understand, the blogosphere is a strange place--vaguely 'extra-terrestrial.'

Please advise your real email address and we'll correspond, perhaps also by phone. After you send your email address, I'll delete your post, so it won't be "up" on the 'net for too long.

I am aware of the virtues of Frs. Hartman, Hying, and Prospero, although I've met only Fr. Hartman to this point.

There are quite a few OTHER good priests in the area, too.