Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The End of the World, Trade Edition

It is almost impossible to find a national publication which is not wailing and snorting over Trump's decision to slam Communist China and Narco Mexico on steel and aluminum.

Clearly, it will be the end of the world.  Women and children will be in rags, begging for scraps in the streets.  Everyone in the USA will be unemployed, with inflation hitting 300% and interest rates not far behind. 

In only about 180 days, Famine and Disease will have wiped out 60% of the population--the other 40% will be eradicated before a year passes.

So say Goldman Sachs, Zero Hedge, Paul Ryan, and the Big Banks, not to mention the GOPe Governors and of course, the Chamber of Commerce, whose supply of cheap, indentured, labor dried up when the US turned into a desert.

Oh, well.  Time to make your peace with God, eh?

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Dave P. said...

You forgot to mention the zombie apocalypse and a Justin Bieber career comeback...