Friday, December 01, 2017

Owen's Battle at NPR

Had the opportunity to listen to Wisconsin Public Radio/NPR's discussion program this morning.

Owen of Boots/Sabers was one participant; the other was a hard-core (D) lawyer from Wausau.  And when I say "hard-core (D)" I mean it; this woman was a member of the Electoral college, hand-picked by big-time (D) poobahs.  Finally, the woman was at one time a resident of Illinois which, on its face, is a serious......


In contrast to Owen's Mitt Romney approach, the woman was a tiresome, bitchy, attack dog.  She managed to insert attacks on Trump, Walker, and Moore into every single topic on the program.  She would have attacked Trump over the weather forecast had one been aired.

In other words, she really had nothing of substance to contribute, despite her credential of being an attorney--a fact on which she hammered, hammered, hammered.  Came across as a David Gruber with a large, ugly, political axe to grind.

Tiresome.  Frankly, I don't know why Owen bothers, other than the fact that he's a good citizen and hopes that someone out there might think that he's made good points.

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