Friday, January 23, 2015

B-16's Regensburg Lecture and The Mohammedans

Nice summary of why Benedict XVI's Regensburg lecture is even more pertinent today:

...Benedict’s lecture is ever relevant because one of its central arguments is that a religion’s understanding of God’s nature has immense implications for its capacity to live peacefully with those who do not share the same faith or, for that matter, have no religious faith. A religion that regards God as sheer Will, operating above and beyond reason, cannot ultimately object to the notion that such a God may command its adherents to do unreasonable things. For if God is ultimately unreasonable and the Creator of the universe, then so too are the people created in His image. Hence, if such an unreasonable God commands equally unreasonable humans to do something utterly irrational — such as slaughter cartoonists, fly planes into buildings, axe to death Jews praying peacefully in a synagogue, behead Christian children in the Middle East, kill Nigerian as Boko Haram has done, the list is endless — not only can we not object on grounds that such actions are unreasonable and intrinsically evil, but we must simply submit to the irrational Deity’s desire for blood. In other words, whether we like it or not, there is a theological and religious dimension to what happened in Paris — and what is happening in Syria and Iraq, what occurred on 9/11, and what Islamic jihadists keep doing all around the world — and we ignore this at our own peril. That’s another reason why it is so embarrassing and self-defeating for people like President Obama, President Hollande, and Prime Minister David Cameron to go on repeating, mantra-like, that Islamic jihadism has nothing to do with Islam. Of course it has something to do with Islam. That’s why it’s called Islamic jihadism....

One of the great failings of the Bush (2) Administration was its total disregard of religion as a motivator and force.  It is far more significant and potent than money or Constitutions.  It is the reason that the Middle East has always been at war.  The mind of the US is simply not able to grasp this--which is why "emplacing democracy" failed so miserably.

And the religion which B-16 described is the problem.  The Prime Minister of Egypt gets this far better than Obozo and his cabal ever will.

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