Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Your Future With Comcast

Time Warner (Gary Grunau's very own semi-monopoly in Milwaukee) will be selling out to Comcast.

Flee now, TWC customers.

...Comcast didn’t earn its reputation as America’s Worst Company overnight — it took years and years of hard work. From offering customers ridiculously overpriced bundle packages, to having the highest fees among any of its competitors, to offering some of the absolute worst customer service of any company in the United States, Comcast has toiled away tirelessly to perfect its craft of angering its own customers...

Oh, yes--it can get even worse!!

...When Block informs the representative that he wants to cancel his service, the representative refuses to do so and instead asks him why in the world would he even think of canceling Comcast, which in the rep’s mind has a sterling reputation for customer care....

That's right!  Comcast is now imitating Hell!  It's a one-way gate, no exit.  Too bad, so sad.

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Anonymous said...

Word is Comcast is dumping the Milwaukee-area market to Charter.