Saturday, September 01, 2012

D'ya S'pose They MEAN It?

It's possible that this plank in the GOP platform will be implemented.

The resources of the federal government’s law enforcement and judicial systems have been strained by two unfortunate expansions: the over-criminalization of behavior and the over-federalization of offenses. The number of criminal offenses in the U.S. Code increased from 3,000 in the early 1980s to over 4,450 by 2008. Federal criminal law should focus on acts by federal employees or acts committed on federal property – and leave the rest to the States. Then Congress should withdraw from federal departments and agencies the power to criminalize behavior, a practice which, according to the Congressional Research Service, has created “tens of thousands” of criminal offenses.  No one other than an elected representative should have the authority to define a criminal act and set criminal penalties.  In the same way, Congress should reconsider the extent to which it has federalized offenses traditionally handled on the State or local level.

But then again, history is a better predictor.  GOP Presidents love Federal power only a shade less than (D) Presidents.  And Congress?

Don't make me laugh.

HT:  FreedomLine


Saint Revolution said...

C'mon. How else can oligarchial totalitarianism be achieved but by over-paramilitarization...of both laws and law enforcement?!

The statist end game and goal is obvious.

Follow the history of Hitler and the SLOW and METHODICAL destruction of citizen rights and liberties over the course of quite the long time.

Funny thing about comes in two flavours...instant heart attack and slow debilitating cancer...

It is the prognosticatory vision among commoners that is lacking...much to the delight of the tyrants-to-be.

Make no mistake. It is all fixed. This is NOT happenstance.

Billiam said...

Yo Dad! email me. I lost your address. BTW, bought a Bersa Thunder .40 sc today. I pick it up Friday when I get home.