Monday, July 18, 2011

What the Candidate SHOULD Say

The ideal Presidential candidate might be faced with snippy questions from lard-headed "reporters."

Some sample Q's and A's........with the A's being correct.

(b.) If you (who raised hands) can not prepare your own taxes, how do you propose to run the country?

The same way I would if running anything else; I would find smart people who knew a little bit more than I did in various and sundry matters, and surround myself with them. It's called "delegating." I would no more apologize for it than the rest of you idiots do for yourselves.

4. At what point will the national debt be "too high"?

At least thirty years ago. The debt should be based upon the ability to back it with available assets, if only as a contingency. I would use the early 1970s as a benchmark, when the debt was less than one percent of the GDP, and taxes were still relatively low.

8. How many military bases does the U.S. maintain in foreign countries?

Too many.

More at the link.

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