Tuesday, July 05, 2011

There Is No Western "Solution" for Afghanistan

Robert Spencer:

Two successive U.S. administrations have now pursued futile and disastrous policies in Afghanistan and elsewhere because they are wedded to the unexamined dogma that Islam is a “religion of peace,” and that believing Muslims want Western-style free societies. They have foolishly disregarded the nature of Islam as a political system as well as a religion, and never considered the likelihood that most Afghans would reject the idea of a secular government, free elections and equality of rights for all people as a blasphemous rejection of the way that a proper Islamic society should be ordered.

Anyone who has looked seriously at Islam knows this. The vast majority of Muslims may well be peaceful people. But that doesn't mean that Islam, itself, is 'peaceful.'

GWBush was wrong; at best, he was naive. Same should be said for Obama, except that Obama purportedly knows more about Islam--and certainly has the benefit of watching Bush's failure.

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