Friday, July 01, 2011

Stacking Against Fracking: the Obozo EPA Way

Not unexpected.

Barack Obama's EPA has been on a crusade to kill off efforts to boost America's domestic energy supplies. We are now among the least attractive nations for energy companies seeking to explore and develop energy supplies...

...Among the steps they are now taking is jury-rigging a panel that the EPA has created to "study" shale gas, tilting the verdict on the safety of developing this abundant and cheap energy resource.

Quoting Hartnett of NR:

A congressional hearing held in May revealed fatal flaws in what was supposed to be a definitive, vigorously peer-reviewed study. For one thing, it will be an inside from the EPA; the study's review panel excludes anyone with professional expertise in current industry practices or the technology of hydraulic fracturing. Under the current administration, industry experts, like highly credentialed professors of petroleum engineering, are assumed to be shills for greedy .

As opposed to the highly-credentialed professors of weather-forecasting, eh?

HT: American Thinker


John Foust said...

As opposed to those people who say their ground water supply has been affected.

Dad29 said...

Junk "Science" in almost every case.

Fracking happens at >3,000 feet sub-ground level.

Your well-water? ~300 feet.

Anonymous said...

Domestic production is up 11 percent under the new regime. But rather than celebrate this uptick, the usual whiners lament that it's not 12 percent.

J. Strupp said...

It's a bit premature to call it junk science. The folks in Penn. who can now light their water on fire are probably thinking otherwise.

I spend a bit of time on this subject indirectly in my line of work. I'm not saying fracing is unsafe, just that it's way too early to assume it is completely safe to the groud water supply and to just dismiss evidence to the contrary.

Keep in mind that the extraction may take place thousands of feet underground but there are factors at work here (frac water contamination, fracing cocktails, explosives used to open the fractures).

My .02

Dad29 said...

You've hit vein, Struppster.

Obviously, there WILL be cases which have undesirable results. We expect the frackers to learn from them and apply the lessons--not to mention replacing the water if necessary.

But to simply blow away the entire technology/industry/benefits?

Only the Obozo-acolytes would.

Jim said...

Guess you haven't seen Gasland.

Anyway, what business is it of the government to pry into the safety of citizens?

John Foust said...
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